new baby cot New baby cot

Swaddle him, just like he was snug inside you, and make sure his Moses basket is cosy.

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  • When he stops crying, stop all of these. The aim is to teach them how to get back to sleep on their own. Methods include gradual withdrawal slowly moving further away in the room as they drift off to sleep and controlled crying leaving them for gradually increased periods of time before going in to reassure them.

    Here are the guidelines Gro Company supply on what the baby should wear with which tog, in which room temperature. Put them in a 2. Put them in a Put them in a 0. Is your baby hungry? The best way to get through this time is to sleep when they do and leave the housework to someone else.

    When your baby weighs around 10lbs they might sleep for longer and go for four — five hours between feeds. From 14lbs they could even go five — six hours without needing milk. Have you tried swaddling your baby?

    In , there were This is useful for washing specks of dust or foreign bodies out of sore eyes.

    Swaddling is when you wrap a baby in a blanket to make them feel secure, like when they were in the womb. Fold one corner down on a thin cotton cot sheet.

    Unfortunately many newborn babies have their day and nights mixed up, they think they should be awake at night and asleep during the day! For some parents, the prospect of another baby on the way is the motivator for making the move.

    Lie your baby on their back, in the middle of the sheet and with their head resting above the fold 2. Fold the tail upwards then wrap the right corner over their body and around their back, making sure their head is uncovered and your baby has enough space to wriggle their hips and knees 4. Avoid using extra or thick blankets to stop your baby overheating 5.

    Have you winded your baby?

    new baby cot New baby cot

    GoodtoKnow user Jolene says: I then put my arm under his arms and sit up as straight as I can. After a few seconds it usually brings up a stubborn burp! Have you tried a dummy? Some mums find that their baby falls asleep easier with a dummy, so it may be worth trying one out to see if your baby likes it.

    new baby cot New baby cot

    On the other hand, if you find your baby is waking up in the night because the dummy keeps falling out of their mouth, you might like to consider taking their dummy away. Try turning off any overhead lights and switch on a lamp or night light instead. The last feed before bedtime Avoid being stuck with a sleeping baby in your arms by encouraging them to fall asleep on their own without being fed from around three months old. Try feeding your baby before you read them a bedtime story or sing their favourite nursery rhyme.

    When they start showing their usual signs of tiredness e.

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    Establish a bedtime routine Bedtime routines are good for both you and your baby. They get used to an order of things and are often comforted by it. You can start a routine as soon as the health visitor makes their first visit, when your baby is about 6 — 8 weeks old.

    Assertiveness and consistency are critical. The lonely parent Being a parent is tough and can be lonely, especially in the middle of the night.

    Phone a friend instead. Try muted coloured mobiles for babies, a favourite fluffy toy that only comes out at night, or soothing music. Avoid bright colours, or mobiles with flashing lights.

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  • Blackout blinds might also help. Try a familiar routine, like bath, own bed, short story, kiss, lights out, sleep. Play it down If your little one is sick in the night, or soils the bed, deal with the problem with minimum fuss.

    If you give it too much attention, your child may begin to associate it as a way of getting you into their room. Calm and quiet By all means play with your little ones, but when bedtime approaches, wind it down. Any stimulation before bed just makes it harder for them to get to sleep. Soon your child will feel more in control of the situation and his anxiety will reduce. If your baby has learned to fall asleep on your breast and now you feel the time has come to break this pattern, it will take strength for you to see it through.



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