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We all have, you see them everywhere! There is nothing exciting about them. Plus they are hideously unsafe if you really look at them. The reason for this, for example, is that my cousin Tara had hurt her leg constantly on the conventional style cribs.

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She would constantly hit her foot, toe, knee, hips or sides quite often when she would move from the crib to the changer in order to change her bub after a nap and as you can imagine, curses followed after each hit. So, when there are sharp edges protruding from a baby crib such as the square and rectangle ones, you know you are opening yourself up for bumps and bruises.

But what about your child? As they grow, they will play in their room where the crib will be stationed also. And yes, round baby cribs are absolutely brilliant. I must say, I am elated beyond words! Phew, I finally found a piece of baby furniture that I can talk immensely about! Also, my baby is excited with the change, she loves sleeping in it. Why Do Parents Love Them!?

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  • The advantages of round cribs v rectangle cribs are as follows: Safety Round cribs are safer than rectangle cribs. As I mentioned above, there is no corners to injure injuries for both the parent and growing toddler. Save Space Round cribs are smaller than rectangle cribs. They provide just enough space needed for your baby without needing excess space.

    Prettier Most parents believe round cribs are nicer looking in a nursery. Unique Most people opt for the traditional crib. Apart from the aforementioned phenomenal advantages, a round or circular baby crib for me, meant that I could save a lot of space. Also, with the right placement, they tend to enhance the aesthetics of your nursery. I placed mine in the center of the room.

    My baby is the center of attraction in her nursery. If you are a bit of a trend-setter and wanting something different from the traditional, climb on the unique bandwagon of round cribs or oval cribs. They area great investment. To help you out with your selection, I have handpicked only the best round baby cribs and oval cribs for you. If you are just interested in bedding for round cribs, keep reading below!

    Round Baby Cribs 1. Stokke Sleepi System This is an enthralling oval shaped crib that is designed to grow along with your child up to 10 years old! This is amazing value Get Best Price Here. The best thing about it is the fact that it can become a bassinet and morph into a crib whenever needed.

    Once your child outgrows the bassinet and crib, you could further convert it into a toddler bed or a junior bed. So, there is no need to make a run for the stores again once your child grows.

    As a 4 in 1 crib it evolves to suit the needs of your little one from birth to 10 years and beyond! The truth is, first-time parents just want to ensure their baby's bedding is snug and safe and it doesn't hurt for it to look stylish, too. Graco Travel Lite x 73 cm Hauck Babycenter x 71 cm.

    See below for how useful this crib is through the years, it can literally last a lifetime!! Moving it is a piece of cake since it comes with castor feet underneath. AND have you ever thought that you may need to move the crib from room to room?

    What happens if the crib is too wide? You can purchase this separately or as a bundle the bundle includes the conversion kit. They are also available in different colors View All Here as shown below.

    You can also complete the set with the matching change table as showing in the image below. It is available in natural brown, grey and white Click Here for Best Price. You pay top dollar for a reason here. The reason why we bought this crib is because we live in a 1 bedroom apartment in the city. We wanted a crib that was smaller and that could easily be moved around our apartment.

    I just find that the wood comes loose and we are constantly having to fix it. No regrets at all, but if I had a regret, it would be that I wish I bought it for my first child! This is my very first Stokke product but it was for my second child. The way they make their products are just top quality. Submitted 2 months ago by Vony Other Accessories You Will Need The matching crib bedding and accessories is dependent on if you have the bassinet or oval size.

    Irrespective of whether you are using the bassinet or the crib variant, you can invest in the set which has got both systems covered. These are magnificent because they are water resistant and are custom made for the aforementioned systems. You will need some additional sheets that fit the mattress. Sheets that are a proper fit are integral to your babies health and safety whilst sleeping in their crib. Stokke Sleepi Mattress Protector: If you wish to ensure your baby sleeps unhindered by light and sleeps comfortably, you can go for a canopy as well which has been especially designed for this crib.

    oval baby cot Oval baby cot

    It is designed to grow with the child and can be used from birth through approx 10 years of age with additional parts. We have illustrated this in an image at the beginning of this blog post. What is the Stokke Sleepi Crib made from? It is made of quality and durable materials including cultivated beechwood from sustainable forest. What are the product dimensions and weight?

    Dimensions are 50 x 29 x The weight is 50 pounds. How many height positions does it have? Does the mattress come included? No you have to buy this separately. We have provided the best prices above. Are the Mattresses safe? Stokke mattresses are made from foam with a strong core for firmness and have a non-toxic cover made from damask cloth. Are the Mattress Protectors Waterproof?

    It comes with a changing mattress, 2 side plastic containers, 2 large storage baskets, and rails to maximize storage space. Does the Stokke Care Changing Table have wheels? For uttermost safety, the changing table does not have wheels. Why is the Stokke Care Changing Table so pricey? It is a complete bassinet set that walks in with a cutesy mattress aswell as plenty of hidden storage. You can put all the baby essentials right underneath and nobody will know!

    This round crib allows for ample space for baby to sleep and the design is so to keep the baby comfortable. It comes available in 7 colors! A beautiful canopy to cover the baby from direct light is provided along with the set and is removable also. It can be moved anywhere with the help of the bountiful castor wheels that stay hidden with the pleated fabric skirt.

    The package and price includes the mattress and full bedding set. We however recommend you purchase additional bedding to ensure you have plenty to use when a mess happens. See below for sheets that complement the whole setup.

    Inspired by a French antique bed, the Provincial cot makes beautiful and classic centerpiece to any nursery. Now that is one versatile piece of furniture.

    Also, they will come in handy whilst you put the one you are using in washing machine. No need to buy anything separately and completes the nursery. Great storage hiding underneath also. I am not sure if other people have had this problem, but I was under the impression mine would close fully. Actually, the second negative would be that I thought the shelving underneath would be more strong, there is only 2 runners to insert the wood boards.

    You can only store light stuff underneath. Dimensions are 32 x 32 x 49 inches. The weight is 36 pounds.

    What is the maximum baby weight allowed? What big is the canopy? Canopy is height adjustable. The low measurement is 24 inches and the high measurement is Tips for assembling it? Please assemble in the room where you intend to use it as the width is 32 inches and your doors have to be wider than this.

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  • Also keep in mind that you will need multiples sheets and protectors so you can put one in the washing machine, and you have one ready to be used straight away. This soft round crib bedding mattress is a wise investment as it can be easily washed with soap and water in case your infant makes a mess.



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