cot bed rail guard Cot bed rail guard
cot bed rail guard Cot bed rail guard

There is no fixed rule on when should move your child out of her cot and put her in a bed. That said most children make the move sometime between around 18 months and three and a half.

Certainly they need to have moved once they gain the ability to climb out of the cot! There might be a reason you particularly want them to move — such as the imminent arrival of a new baby.

A higher rail or side rail extensions would need to be considered in combination with a lower profile air mattress. Users who use bed side rails but not in health or social care premises such as in their own homes and not receiving professional care, are not covered by this legislation, however following the guidelines and advice given where relevant allow for practical safety considerations to be adhered to.

Then the big change of moving from cot to bed will be well over by the time the next big change — the baby — comes along. Otherwise it can become stressful for the toddler.

cot bed rail guard Cot bed rail guard

Alternatively, you can have the new baby arrive first, as big-change number one, and put the baby into a Moses basket next to your bed. Then, when the baby is months old, you could make the next big move of shifting the baby into the cot and the toddler into the big bed.

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  • Then, you might choose to move your child simply because she has outgrown the cot. Do remember that as soon as your child is in the big bed, she is going to be able to get out easily whenever she wants to. So before you make the move, check the safety aspects of everything that they might have access to if they climb out.

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    What do I do if my child is unhappy moving to a big bed? Some children find the move easy, and some find it really hard. So try to make the transition as comforting as possible. Any special blankets and toys should be used in the new bed. If possible, keep the bed in the same place as the cot — even at least for a few months — so that when she wakes at night, everything will look just the same as it used to.

    Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind in knowing that she is safe. Then you put your mattress back down and it holds the bed rail in place as in the picture above.

    Can I just use an ordinary big bed? Little children can easily break bones falling out of bed. You can also buy guard rails that attach to a bed.

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  • A bed that is low to the ground is a good idea as well, so your toddler will find it easy to climb in and out.



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