cot bed teething protector Cot bed teething protector

Thankfully baby boy is on the mend and I had a few minutes to get this up.

cot bed teething protector Cot bed teething protector

My younger little stinker has two bottom teeth. E has also started to stand. His crib does come with a plastic teething rail guard, but it really does nothing.

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  • It protects the top of the rail only. So, I made the little guy a teething rail cover for his crib. Chomp away little guy! This is super simple.

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    I used 14 for one rail guard. Measure and cut your fabric and batting.

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  • Sew these down on all sides and make the corners square. Sandwich your fabric, batting, and ribbon.

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  • The fabric should have the pattern facing out. Pin everything in place. Sew along the edges. I did a double seam because I like the look of it.

    cot bed teething protector Cot bed teething protector

    I sewed a seam down the length of the rail guard so it would fold over a bit easier. The stitch length was a little too short for the thickness hence the rippling. I was too lazy to get the seam ripper.

    So now that we have the cover on her crib, I definitely sleep better at night knowing she can now chew away at the top of it if she wants to. I thought I could do it myself and noticed that it was going crooked, tried to fix it seen it was taking paint off and just made sure to straighten what I could out. Mine has wide rails and I would not be able to use the other rails that are available on the market.

    Tie the teething rail guard on securely and have a little peace of mind. No more paint chips or damaged wood! You may need to double knot the ties depending on the fabric your use for the ties.



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