cot sides for toddler bed Cot sides for toddler bed
cot sides for toddler bed Cot sides for toddler bed

Recently she was looked after by various family members for three weeks sleeping in a portacot and only woke on three nights dummy in and straight back to sleep but since being back home and in her cot she's back to waking up every night at least once. I've worked out it is generally because she hits the side of the cot. Any thoughts or suggestions??

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  • Posted Thursday 08 April Maybe try bumpers instead to soften the blow? I guess it would depend on how still she sleeps i guess. DD went into a toddlers bed at 16 months with no side rail and into a big girls bed at right on 2 years and she has been fantastic so might be worth a try smile Posted Thursday 08 April I thought he was too young to put in a bed as everyone was telling me it would be silly to try , so I left him in the cot and didn't get much sleep.

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    At 20 months he told me he wanted to sleep in the bed I had a mattress on the floor for the really bad nights. I let him, he rolled out of bed once each night for the first two nights and has never done it since but he has slept through from the first night!

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  • Go with your gut, wish I did, I would have had a whole lot more sleep earlier!! He is very active, walking, running, climbs on top of the kitchen table.

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  • He is now 15 months. I do find him in all sorts of positions tho. I have placed the cot matress against the wall and the bed, so he doesn't hit the wall and wake himself.

    cot sides for toddler bed Cot sides for toddler bed

    I leave a star light on also from ikea so he can see at night. When he wakes through the night he gets off the bed and goes to the babygate at his door to call me. It took me a month to get him used to falling asleep in it. I suppose it depends on your little ones character and intellegence level. I say you can only try, what you don't teach them, they loose.

    Home Care Bed - Electric - RotatingFrom a sitting position to a sleeping position by push of a button! Our toddler bed guide aims to support your decision in finding the best bed for your child, and you may also view our collection of toddler beds for more inspiration. The manufacture's website "clearly showed" pictures of babies in the cots in the incompletely lowered position [this has since been rectified] There were no warnings on the cot itself The cot should not be tilted more than 5cm as per paper instructions but it is possible to tilt it more steeply There are a large number of second-hand Bednests on the market, which might not still have the paper instructions Are Bednests still on sale?

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