baby cot mattress Baby cot mattress
baby cot mattress Baby cot mattress

All about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, hospital bag, baby equipment and baby sleep! The course of pregnancy at a glance: Every 40 weeks until birth 1st to 8th week of pregnancy: Body and soul in other life circumstances 9th to 16th week of pregnancy: The female body has now adapted to the pregnancy.

baby cot mattress Baby cot mattress

Decelerated and relaxed pace of life for the mother-to-be 33rd to 40th week of pregnancy: Before birth - the date of birth is getting closer and closer When will the baby finally be born?

When the unborn baby just has to wait for himself Checklist hospital bag: I'm packing my clinic bag and all this has to be taken with me 1.

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  • For your stay in the hospital 3. For the new terrestrial citizen on his way home Checklist baby initial equipment: All important things the newborn baby needs in the first months of life 1.

    Of the two options we would recommend the spring version because this has been proven to give a more comfortable sleep than just foam as the springs independently contour and shape to your baby's position as they change throughout their sleep. Safe sleep rules for newborns and babies under 6 months Types of baby mattresses:

    All about baby outfits 2. All about the baby bed 3. Everything about winding 4. All about baby care 5.

    Hair dyeing during pregnancy Is it safe to use with our new baby?

    Everything about baby nutrition 6. All about breastfeeding 7.

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  • All about mobility with baby 8. All about baby safety 9.

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    Other Balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle during pregnancy Living healthily in pregnancy - Baby belly time is not a disease Balanced, vitamin-rich and varied diet during pregnancy Nutritional risks during pregnancy - Caution with certain foods Regular breaks are the best way to prenatal care Obtaining knowledge of deceleration during pregnancy Sport and regular exercise also during pregnancy There is no need to do without sauna, steam bath, full bath and sunbathing during pregnancy Protecting and cooling: Many pregnant women have to do with circulatory problems in the sun and heat.

    Hair dyeing during pregnancy Healthy and fit with baby belly through the four seasons Healthy and fit with baby belly in spring

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